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sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Teste 1.º teste_1.º período

Read the following test carefully:

Peter: Bjorn, your English is amazing. It´s really good, and people from Sweden, your country, also often speak really good English. Could you talk about your secret? Why is your English so good?

Bjorn: First, I would like to thank you for your comment. That´s really nice. Well, in Sweden, you start to learn English when you are three or four years old by watching television, because we have a lot of programmes that are British or American and so we tend to watch a lot those kinds of programmes. That´s what happened to me. But it was at school that I really started to learn grammar and vocabulary. In Sweden we study English from the second grade up to high school. I was really enthusiastic about learning not only Mathematics, Drawing and other subjects but also a new language that some other people in other countries speak. I wanted to be able to speak with them as well.

So, apart from watching films and learning at school, Swedish learners are also lucky because there are a lot of people in Sweden that are from other countries, and so many times it actually happens that you have to ask them something or they come

A- Complete the sentences with the words given:

search engine; software; mail; mobiles; modem

1. About 75% of the world's ___________ is written in English.
2. A____________ helps you find information in the internet.
3. The device that connects  your computer to the internet is the___________.
4. Computer games also called ____________________.
5. Portable phones are______________________.

B. Complete the sentences with the present simple.

1. My cousins ____________ (live) in England but come to Portugal every summer.
2. Eva and Hans ___________(study) for theirs final exams at the moment.
3. I ________ (have) a German lesson every Monday.
4. George________ (not live) because he hasn´tgot his driving licence.
5. He____________(go) to the gym five times a week.

C. Write complete sentences in the present continuous.

1. Are you / write / letter / your / parents?
2. He / learn / speak / English.
3. I / save / money / because / I / want to go / London.
4. She / go / on holiday / soon.
5. They / sell / their house / and / will buy / new one next month.

D. Build sentences using the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

1. e-mails / I / text messages / usually / or / write.
2. He / football / play / now.
3. I / speak / English / French / but / learn / I / now.
4. I Like / French / watch / films.
5. you / tomorrow? / What / do

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