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segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2009

Preparação Teste- 1.º Teste- 2.º Período

A. Reading
1. Read the text. Answer the questions. Write complete sentences.

15th August

Hi Joanne!

I`m sending you a letter from Fuengirola. I`m on holiday here with my family. I`m writing this letter on the beach!

We`re staying in a really nice hotel next to the beach. There are a lot of young people here. There`s a disco at the hotel every evening- it`s really cool.

At the moment dad is swimming in the sea. Mum isn´t swimming but she`s wearing her bikini and she`s reading a magazine. My brother is shopping - he wants to buy some new shorts and a cap. I can see him now- he`s trying on some funny hats!

I hope you`re having a good holiday in Scotland. Send me a postcard!


1. Where is Zoe at the moment?

2. How often is there a disco at the hotel?

3. What`s Zoe`s dad doing?

4. Where is Joanne spending her holiday?


2. Write the -ing form in the verbs.

a) Write_________

b) Swim_________

c) Play__________

d) Dance________

e) Run__________

f) Study_________

g) Do___________

h) Go___________

i) Wear__________

3. Write pair of sentences. Use the present continuous affirmative and negative.

We/ not watch TV (chat).

We aren`t watching TV. We`re chatting.

He/ not sing (shout).


My friends/ not play football (volleyball).


I / not wear shorts (jeans).

Jane/ not do her homework (play the piano).


4. Look at the information in the table. Complete the questions and write short answers.

Use the present continuous.

a) ______Paul_________the guitar?
Yes, he is.
b) ______Val and Ann_______to friends?
c) _______Paul________pizza?
d) _______Jill_________to friends?
e) ________Val and Ann_________the guitar?
5. Complete the e-mail. Use the present continuous of the verbs.
meet / not play/ do / watch / go
Hi Deb!
What _______you_________this weekend?
I__________Sara on Saturday. We______________to the football club, but we__________football- we____________Darren and Paul in the School Football League!
Do you want to come?
6. Write sentences. Use can or can`t and the words (play / speak / cook / use / play / sing )
My mum can`t sing any songs. X
a) I _______Japanese. X
b) David Beckham _________football. V
c) My sister ________Italien food. X
d) My best friend ________the violin. V
e) I________a computer.
7. Look at the information and write sentences . Use must or mustn`t.
Athletes`diet sheet
Chicken :)
water :)
fruit :)
burgers :(
cola :(
chips :(
Athletes must eat chicken.
C. Dialogue
8. Complete the dialogue. Use the following words and expressions:
there/ plays the drums / friend of yours / chatting to / Let`s go / I don`t know
here/ she is / she`s wearing / She`s got
Kate Do you know Jill?
Ben No, _______. Is she_______?
Kate Yes, over_______. __________long hair and _________tracksuit bottoms and a white T-shirt.
Ben Is she__________Mike?
Kate That`s right.
Ben Is she__________?
Kate Yes, ________. She sometimes __________ in our band.
__________ and talk to her.

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