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terça-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2009

The Past Perfect

eg: They had already left

Affirmative: subject + had + the past participle of main verb.

eg:He had gone.
She had played.

Negative: subject + had not (hadn't) + the past participle of main verb

eg:He hadn't studied much
they hadn't come soon

Interrogative: Had + subject + the past participle of the main verb.

eg:had he sudied much?
had they come soon?

PAST PERFECT: we use the past perfect when we want to talk about things that happened before the past time we are mentioning.


Complete with the past simple or the past perfect of the verbs in brackets.

1- I only understood (understand) the film because I had read (read) the book.

2- Rachel had studied (study) English she moved (move) to Bristol two years ago.

3- I had tried (try) to fill in the form but I couldn't (can not) answer all the questions.

4- When they arrived (arrive), the film had already started (start).

5- I was (be) tired I had worked (work) very hard.

6- My sister ate (eat) all the cake that our mother had made (make).

7- Before he came (come) here he had spoken (speak) with his parents.

8- The waiter brought (bring) a drink that she hadn't ordered (not order).

9- Had you eaten (eat) anything before you went (go) to the concert?

10- Had he read (read) the contract before he signed (sign) it?

written by: Catarina Vasco

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