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segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008


1. Complete the sentences. Use the present simple form of the verbs:
go; start; not speak; play; not live.

a) School__________ at nine o`clock.
b) I_________Japanese.
c) I_______football on Tuesdays.
d) My best friend________ in my town.
e) My mum and I_______shopping on Saturdays.

2. Complete the e-mail. Use the present simple affirmative, negative or interrogative.

Hi Jamie,

I`m your new penfriend. I______(live) in London. In my free time, I often ______ (meet) my friends, but we ______ (not play) sports. We usually ______ (go) to the cinema. _____ you____(play) sports?
I`ve got one brother called Harry. He`s eighteen and he______ (not live) at home. He ______ (study) Spanish at university. What languages _____you_____ (speak)? I live with my mum - she ______ (work) in a bank. What ______ your mum______ (do)?
Write soon!

3. Complete the questions. Use question words.
a) ______ does Jane live?
b) ______ is your favourite pop star?
c) ______ is your birthday?
d) ______ do you play football? Once a week, on Saturday mornings.
e) ______ is your favourite sport? Skiing - it`s great!

1. a) starts; b) don`t speak; c) play; d) doesn`t live; e) go.
2. live, meet, don`t play; go;; doesn`t live; studies; Do...speak; works;
3. a) Where; b) who; c) when; d) how often; e) what.

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