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terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2014



What´s your name?
My name is....

What´s your surname?
My surname is....

How do you spell that?

Where do you come from? / Where do you live?
I come from Portugal. I live in Apúlia.

Do you speak English at school?
Yes, I do.

What other subjects do you study?
I study: Maths, Study Skills (Estudo Acompanhado), Art (Educação Visual e Tecnológica), Visual Arts (Educação Visual), Music (Educação Musical), Portuguese, Civics (Formação Cívica), Physical Education (Educação Física), History  (História ), Science (Ciências), Religious Education (Educação Moral e Religiosa), Project Work (Área de Projecto), French (Francês), Physics and Chemistry (Físico-Química).

What subject do you like best? Why?
I like ______ because...

What subject is the most difficult? Why?
Maths, because it takes time and energy.
........... because I don´t have patient to Maths.
........... because I don´t understand.

What food do you like best? /What´s your favourite food? Why?
Fried diced pork with blood rice, from Minho (Rojões à moda do Minho), because I like the taste.

Where do you usually have lunch?
I usually have lunch at school.
.............................. at home.

Who do you live with?
I live with my parents and my brother/my sister.

How many brother and sisters have you got?
I have got.....

What does your father/mother do?

How old are they?

Have you got a pet?

Do you practise any sports?

What´s your favourite sport? Why?

When do you usually practise sport?

Who do practise sport with?

What do you like about your country / town? Why?

What can you do to spend time in your town?

Who is your best friend?

How old is he/she?

What do you like about your friend? Why?
I like his/her sense of humour because he/she makes me laugh

What do you usually do with him/her?
I usually play video games with him
I usually go shopping with her.

What kind of clothes do you like? Why?

Where do you buy your clothes?~
At the shopping.

What´s your favourite colour? Why?

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